Endowment Per Student vs Total Endowment

The sixth category tab on Emory’s main website is labeled “Give to Emory”. For patrons looking to give more than just $240,000 in tuition, they can easily click on the “Give Now” button and also have the opportunity to directly allocate their donation to schools and colleges, health and medicine, general university, arts, libraries and museum, campus experience, or centers and institutes.

As addressed in Trish’s post, only 318.2 million dollars out of Emory’s 6.7 billion dollar endowment is actually spendable.

Emory is ranked number thirty on a list of highest university endowment per student, yet it ranks ten spots higher on a list of universities with the highest overall endowment.

I found it very interesting to examine spendable endowment not only in the context of resources and physical applications, but also how it impacts investment per student. From this project I have realized that although a university may have an extremely high endowment, it does not necessarily directly correlate to a students experiences and how much a student will most likely benefit and feel the effects of university endowment and spending.

From this graphic I created below, it is evident that those universities that rank have the highest endowment do not correlate to having the highest student investments. It can be compared to Trish’s graphic which illustrates universities and their endowments, and which can also be seen below this interactive student endowment graphic.

Source: Trish’s Graph Made Using Tableau